“A Journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step” – Lao Tzu

Travelling and teaching is not only kind to your bank balance, but also opens your mind up to new experiences! Don’t take our word for it – have a look at the testimonials from some of our teachers!

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Ms. Karla Cronje

Ms. Karla Cronje

My name is Karla Lerie Cronje and I am currently teaching at Monkey Tree English Learning Center in Hangzhou. I got placed here by OVC and Global Teacher Recruitment. I approached OVC first and they referred me to Global Teacher Recruitment. It was not long until Global Teacher Recruitment made contact with me for an interview. I got an interview date that same week. The interview process was very convenient for me because I was able to do it though Skype. After the interview I had to wait for feedback to find out if the interview was successful, and it was. I was so happy! The next step in the process was the completion of the necessary paperwork. After the paperwork was completed I had to send the documents to Global Teacher Recruitment where they authenticated the necessary documents for me at their costs. They really helped a lot with the whole process and also gave helpful feedback on all of the questions I had. After the whole process I applied for my Chinese Visa and as soon as I received it I was on a plane to Hangzhou. As soon as I arrived I received training from the Hangzhou Center's Head teacher and after training I was given the opportunity to co-teach with the current teachers at that time. I was very grateful for this opportunity because it was a nice way to settle in and get the hang of things. I am very happy to be at Monkey Tree Hangzhou and I am still grateful for this opportunity every day! I have been teaching here since May of 2019 and it is wonderful for me to learn, laugh and grow with our students!
Ms. Mardi Nofke

Ms. Mardi Nofke

Deciding to move and teach abroad is not a light-hearted decision for anyone. My friend and I decided to make the move, after she spent her December holiday with friends in China, so we knew more of what to expect with the whole process. We knew we wanted to work at a well-known school, so we responded to an add we saw on STA Travel, working in China/ Hong Kong. Global Teacher Recruitment immediately reached out to us and set up an interview to explain the difference between Hong Kong and China. After we were 100% sure we want to make the move to China, we had our final interview regarding which city we would like to move to. GTR left no stone unturned and were very accommodating, as we are 2 teachers wanting to move to the same city and school. After all the interviews were successful, a very generous offer was made to us both. GTR offered their services to help with all the paperwork that we need and also offered to assist with any payments that can be deducted from future salaries. This can be a huge help, trust me, there is a lot to do. Because we already knew a little of what to do, we decided to do the authentication of the documents on our own, but every time we were unsure of something, GTR were just a phone call or email away and always willing to help. They also checked all our documents before sending it to China, making sure everything is in order and of standard. After we received our working visas it was off to China. Arriving in China can be very overwhelming but oh so exciting. Our center managers took wonderful care of us and made sure we find housing, bank accounts and all things that are necessary here. We immediately received training from Monkey Tree head office after we were settled in and then all the fun started. I have been working for Monkey Tree for a few months now, where head office provides excellent curriculum and support. Teaching in China is a wonderful and fulfilling experience. I can only encourage anyone and everyone to try this. Take the leap, it is worth it!
Ms. Stephanie Reid

Ms. Stephanie Reid

The transition from living in South Africa to living in China has not always been easy. Of course, there have been both ups and downs, but this is to be expected when making such a life changing move. I have been in Dongguan, China for three months now. From the day I was offered a teaching position at Monkey Tree English Learning Center until now, I have received nothing but support from Brenda and the Global Teacher Recruitment team. The process of getting to China was made simple by GTR. Brenda was helpful and her support and guidance throughout the recruitment process will always be remembered and appreciated. Even when I arrived in China Brenda was helpful in during the transition process and she continuously offered her support. The training that I received when getting to China was great. The specific canter where training was held filled with friendly people, willing to help with anything that I was unsure of. The training itself was very insightful and well organized. I had no experience teaching English as a foreign language before, and I felt as thought the training really prepared me for this new journey I chose to embark on. Overall, my experience with the GTR team has been a pleasant one. I am grateful to have encountered this organisation and I am excited to see what the future holds.

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It is a story you will hear many times: ‘I will go to Hong Kong for one year to teach English,’ and then before you know it you have been here for nearly 5 years and you are still not ready to leave! Hong Kong has been a fantastic place to live and work. Every day presents a new opportunity and being a 24-hour, 7-day per week city, there is always something to do. Meeting new people has not been a problem and finding your home country’s comforts is possible. The level of English amongst children varies dramatically. Currently teaching 10-months old to 3 years-old has allowed me to explore my teaching methodology and gain a lot of valuable experience and advice from my colleagues. Days are filled with fun activities and a lot of flexibility is given to ensure that your students enjoy your class!


Grace Garden International Kindergarten and Nursery, Hong Kong

Working overseas had always been a dream for me, it started when I saw the potential as a teacher to work and explore the world around me. It has been the ultimate growing experience as a person and as an educator and have learnt so much about myself. I worked in a learning center that taught English to students between the age of 2 and 13 years old, it has been wonderful to be a part of a team of people with a common goal. Hong Kong has been a great city to live in, although the busyness of it all can get a bit much, but there is always something happening, or somewhere to go. Leaving the comfort of home was difficult, but in the words of J.R.R. Tolkien’s novel: ‘It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to.’ All I can say is that it’s been an adventure of a lifetime and has given me memories that I will cherish forever.


Monkey Tree English Learning Center, Hong Kong

My name is Megan Southwood and I am from Port Elizabeth, South Africa. My husband and I decided to take the step and teach and live abroad. It was the best decision we made and it has been such a great adventure. We decided to teach in Hong Kong and it has been amazing. There is always something happening in Hong Kong and so much to do from busy shopping, great nightlife and beautiful beaches and hikes. I worked as a kindergarten teacher for students aged 2-3 years and found the children in Hong Kong to be incredibly smart and so well disciplined. I loved getting to know each one of their little personalities. I will always recommend teaching English in Hong Kong to everyone that is leaning towards it!



Grace Garden International Kindergarten and Nursery, Hong Kong

After living in Hangzhou, China and working for Monkey Tree for over a year and a half I have come to appreciate many things about the experience. Hangzhou is big in population but it has a really relaxed and laid back feel to it. Trying new foods is one of my main reasons to travel and I love the local Chinese food as well as the other asian restaurants in the city. Being a teacher back in Canada, it has been an awesome opportunity to teach the Chinese kids. The young kids, around 3 to 12, bring great energy and it is awesome to see kids going from not being able to say their names in English to reading. A great experience and no plans on leaving so far!


Monkey Tree English Learning Center, Hangzhou, China