Located in the Guangdong Province, Zhongshan is a coastal city that sits directly across Hong Kong and Shenzhen. Often visited by people on business trips in nearby cities, Zhongshan has a long history with overseas trade and is also a popular tourist destination because it is one of the key foreign-trade ports of the Guangdong Province. There are large waterparks and lakes that offer beautiful views and hiking opportunities, making it a city of fun activities and relaxation. Zhongshan is also famous for being the birth place of Sun Yat Sen, the leading figure in the Chinese revolution, and the Residence Memorial Museum made in his honour can be visited here.

Zhongshan Hot Spring Resort

Zhongshan Hot Spring Resort is located in Yongmo village is a great destination for a day of relaxation or a short getaway. Surrounded by lots of greenery and Chinese architecture, there is also an imperial garden at the resort. As well as it’s outdoor hot spring center, the resort is also known for its golf course and is a popular spot for celebrities, as well as tourists.

Zimalang Park

Zimalang Park is known for its beautiful scenery and fresh air, and is mostly used for outdoor exercise, long walks and relaxation. It is not unusual to see locals meditating in parks in China, early in the morning and because of the high level of safety, people can enjoy evening walks and jogs around the parks. Boat trips around the lake can also be booked and there is a small zoo in the park.


Zhongshan is famous for its Cantonese cuisine, such as Zhongshan sesame balls and BBQ pork buns, as well as traditional Chinese dishes. Western cuisine is easy to find with authentic Italian restaurants as well as familiar fast food restaurants. Vegetarian options are also available in some restaurants. As Zhongshan is known for its various chrysanthemums, a lot of local snacks are related to chrysanthemum.


Zhongshan has an average temperature of 22°C. The hottest time of year is from June to September, with the temperature at around 33°C, and winter is short and can be as cold as 1°C.


The nearest airport to Zhongshan is Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport

Job Type

Positions are available throughout the year in our Monkey Tree English Learning Center in Zhongshan, in the East District.

  • 40 working hours per week (including up to 25 teaching hours per week and up to 30 teaching hours per week during Summer term)
  • Salary: 18 000 RMB – 20 000 RMB per month
  • Rewarding bonus upon contract completion
  • Assistance with obtaining a Z-visa (working permit and residence permit paid for)
  • Small class sizes (4-8 per class)
  • 11-13 public holidays per year
  • 10 days of paid annual leave
  • Fully prepared and tailored curriculum
  • Assistance with finding accommodation
  • Comprehensive training program

Country Facts

Cost of living

-The cost of a combo meal at a fast food restaurant in Zhongshan starts at 30 RMB and a meal in a local restaurant can cost from 18 RMB. A weekly grocery shop can cost around 150 RMB.

-Sim card plans can be quite cheap in mainland China and up to 100 RMB a month is enough for a package that includes data, calls and texts. As most people communicate through Wechat, you would mostly need data on your plan.

-Utility costs can be between 200 RMB and 400 RMB per month.

-The cost of a gym membership is around 169 RMB per month.



The cost of accommodation in Zhongshan starts at around 1,400 RMB per month. Two months of rent is usually required upfront, along with one month of rent as a deposit. In some cities, three months of rent is required upfront with a deposit.

+ Pros

+ Tier 2 city

+ Warm all year round

+ Safe location to live in with very low crime rates

+ Better air quality compared to busier cities

+ Lower living costs than some neighbouring cities

+ Great location to learn more about the history of China’s revolution in 1911


− Cons

− Smaller expat community compared to bigger cities, such as Shanghai and Guangzhou.

− Less English speakers around.