Guiyang is the capital of Guizhou Province in Southwest China. It is an ethnically diverse city that is rich in history and culture, yet has modern amenities and is continuously developing, making it a Tier 2 city in China. The city boasts an impressive skyline and is known for its variety of scenic parks and lakes, as well as its ancient villages and unspoiled mountains.

Qingyan Old Town

Qingyan Old Town is 29 KM south of Guiyang and is perfect for a day trip on a day off work. This is a popular destination for local tourists as well as foreign, so be prepared for crowds when you visit. Qingyan Old Town is packed with temples, small museums, and streets lined with food and shops, it is also small enough to be able to walk around and tour within a day.

You can get to Qingyan by bus or taxi. A taxi takes just under an hour and costs around 70 RMB from Guiyang’s downtown. Alternatively, you can take the 210 bus from Hebin Park (3 RMB).

Qianling Mountain Park

Qianling Mountain Park, also known as “Monkey Park” is a very popular attraction in Guiyang where monkeys roam freely within the park and there are lakes with scenic boat rides. The park is also home to Monkey Mountain and Hongfu Temple, a Buddhist temple.

Baihua Lake

Baihua Lake also referred to as “Little Guilin” is a lake that is popular for its natural landscape of water and hills, resembling Li River, a famous tourist spot in Guilin. With over one hundred small islands, Baihua Lake is an ideal location to visit for scenic photos and relaxing boat trips.


Food in Guiyang is mostly spicy and sour. Siwawa, a Guiyang specialty, is a very popular option as well as noodle dishes and hotpot dishes. There is also western food available in Guiyang, and although vegetarian options are not as easy to find, there are restaurants that offer them.


Guiyang has a monsoon climate, with an average annual temperature of 15 °C, average summer temperature of 23 °C, and average winter temperature of 8 °C. The city has a long rainy season lasting half a year.

Guiyang has relatively good air quality, ranking 9th among all Chinese cities on air quality in 2017.


Guiyang Longdongbao International Airport

Job Type

Positions are available throughout the year in our Monkey Tree English Learning Centre in Guiyang, in the Yunyan District.

  • 40 working hours per week (including up to 25 teaching hours per week and up to 30 teaching hours per week during Summer term)
  • Salary: 17 000 RMB per month
  • Rewarding bonus upon contract completion
  • Assistance with obtaining a Z-visa (working permit and residence permit paid for)
  • Small class sizes (4-8 per class)
  • 11-13 public holidays per year
  • 10 days of paid annual leave
  • Fully prepared and tailored curriculum
  • Assistance with finding accommodation
  • Comprehensive training program

Country Facts

Although Guiyang is not as recognized as other cities in China, it presents lots of opportunities to explore historical sites, and scenic parks and lakes. There may also be a smaller expat community in Guiyang compared to bigger cities, but there are still many expats residing here so meeting other foreigners and making friends is not difficult.

Living in Guiyang also offers the chance to understand many of China’s recognized minority cultures, including the Miao and the Dong people, and is a fantastic way to learn and practice Mandarin with locals.

Cost of living

-The cost of food is relatively low in Guiyang with prices for combo meals in a fast-food restaurant starting at 28 RMB and basic meals in a local restaurant starting at 22 RMB. Street vendors offer even cheaper meals and snacks, and grocery shopping comes at a very low cost with a weekly shop costing around 100 RMB per week.

-Sim card plans can be quite cheap in mainland China and up to 100 RMB, a month is enough for a package that includes data, calls, and texts. As most people communicate through WeChat, you would mostly need data on your plan.

-The cost of utilities is between 200 RMB and 300 RMB per month.

-A gym membership costs around 250 RMB per month.



The cost of accommodation in Guiyang can be between 1,500 RMB and 3,000 RMB per month. Two months of rent is usually required upfront, along with one month of rent as a deposit. In some cities, three months of rent is required upfront with a deposit.

+ Pros

+ Tier 2 city

+ Lots of great scenery to enjoy and parks and lakes

+ Lower living costs

+ More opportunity to experience Chinese culture and learn about ethnic minorities in this part of China.

− Cons

− Smaller expat community compared to bigger cities, such as Shanghai.