Guangzhou, located in the Guangdong Province is one of the busiest foreign trading centers in China with the largest export port in Southern China. It boasts beautiful scenery and plenty of historical and cultural sites and is a popular city for food and shopping. Guangzhou is often nicknamed “The City of Flowers” because of its ongoing blossoming through each season and has many scenic parks, temples, and lakes that attract tourists.

The Pearl River

The Pearl River is the third-longest river in China. The view of the 2,000 km long river can be enjoyed while walking down a path called the “Scenic Corridor”, along with the historical buildings and unique architecture. Cruises along the river can also be done during the day or at night.

Baiyun Shan

Baiyun Shan, also known as White Cloud Mountain, is one of Guangzhou’s most popular natural attractions. It is surrounded by six areas for visitors to enjoy, including parks, lakes, and a cable car trip. A day can be spent viewing each park and riding a cable car and there are places to sit and eat. Baiyun Shan can be reached by bus or metro and entry costs around 10 RMB per person.

Baishui Village

Baishui Village, also known as White Water Village, is home to Baishui Waterfall which can be seen by tourists on their way to the village because of its height. The village consists of many walking routes around the neighbouring mountains and two lakes that are formed by the water flow. This makes a great spot for hiking and long walks. You can travel to Baishui Village by bus and entry costs around 45 RMB.


Guangzhou is home to Cantonese cuisine, but western food can also be found easily. Dishes such as white cut chicken and soup rice are popular amongst locals, and street food is a common option with street food vendors offering snacks up until the early hours of the morning. Fast food restaurants such as McDonald’s, KFC, and Burger King can also be found here.


Guangzhou has a moderate temperature all year round, with the hottest months being July and August, and the coldest being late January to early February. The lowest temperature in winter is around -3 °C and the highest temperature in the summer can be above 30 °C.


Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport

Job Type

Positions are available throughout the year in our Monkey Tree English Learning Center in Guangzhou, in the Haizhu District.

  • 40 working hours per week (including up to 25 teaching hours per week and up to 30 teaching hours per week during Summer term)
  • Salary: 17 000 RMB per month
  • Rewarding bonus upon contract completion
  • Assistance with obtaining a Z-visa (working permit and residence permit paid for)
  • Small class sizes (4-8 per class)
  • 11-13 public holidays per year
  • 10 days of paid annual leave
  • Fully prepared and tailored curriculum
  • Assistance with finding accommodation
  • Comprehensive training program

Country Facts

Cost of living

-Sim card plans can be quite cheap in mainland China and up to 100 RMB, a month is enough for a package that includes data, calls, and texts. As most people communicate through WeChat, you would mostly need data on your plan.

-Utility costs can be between 200 RMB and 700 RMB per month.

-The cost of a gym membership is around 350 RMB per month.



The cost of accommodation in Guangzhou can be between 2,900 RMB and 5,000 RMB per month. Two months of rent is usually required upfront, along with one month of rent as a deposit. In some cities, three months of rent is required upfront with a deposit.

+ Pros

+ Tier 1 city

+ Lots of botanical gardens

+ Lots of English speakers because of the large expat community.

+ Import and export, close to Hong Kong, lots of nearby countries can be reached at a cheaper cost from Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport.


− Cons

− Higher cost of living and busier than smaller cities.