Foshan is located at the center of the Guangdong Province, in Southern China. Known for its martial arts history, Cantonese opera and ceramic art, Foshan is a modern, spacious and green city with lots to explore. Foshan is often nicknamed “Guangzhou’s Little Brother” and is only a 30-minute metro ride away from Guangzhou.

Qiandeng Lake

Qiandeng Lake, located in the Nanhai district of Foshan, is a popular tourist spot.

Xiqiao Shan Mountain

Xiqiao Shan Mountain is an extinct volcano which has been resting for billions of years. It is home to over 200 springs, 28 waterfalls and 48 caves, and is a great location for hiking and enjoying the views.

The Bruce Lee Park

The Bruce Lee Park, also known as the “World Kung Fu Base” is where you can find a Bruce Lee commemorative museum and statue, as well as mountains and scenic lakes. Not only is Foshan the birthplace of Bruce Lee and his master, but it is also where the Wing Chun style of Kung Fu was developed. The amusement park is perfect for a day out of enjoying greenery and traditional buildings, as well as learning more about Bruce Lee.

Fengjian Water Village

Fengjian Water Village is located in Foshan’s Shunde District. Also known as “Zhouzhuang of Guangdong”, many TVB dramas are filmed here because of its river and ancient spots. On a day trip in the water town, you can either go rafting on the river or take a walk on the stone roads on both sides.


Foshan is famous for its Cantonese food and is not dissimilar to the food you would find in Hong Kong. Traditional Chinese cuisine is also available as well as European and Vietnamese food. Street venders also offer hot barbequed dishes until early hours of the morning and fast food restaurants such as McDonalds and KFC are available around Foshan. Middle Eastern and South Asian cuisine are also available.


Foshan has a warm climate with an average temperature of 22°C. In summer, the temperatures can reach over 30°C, and there is a significant amount of rainfall throughout the year.


Foshan Shadi Airport. The nearest International airport is Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport.

Job Type

Positions are available throughout the year in our Monkey Tree English Learning Center in Foshan, in the Nanhai District.

  • 40 working hours per week (including up to 25 teaching hours per week and up to 30 teaching hours per week during Summer term)
  • Salary: 18 000 RMB per month
  • Rewarding bonus upon contract completion
  • Assistance with obtaining a Z-visa (working permit and residence permit paid for)
  • Small class sizes (4-8 per class)
  • 11-13 public holidays per year
  • 10 days of paid annual leave
  • Fully prepared and tailored curriculum
  • Assistance with finding accommodation
  • Comprehensive training program

Country Facts

Cost of living

-The cost of a combo meal at a fast food restaurant in Guangzhou starts at 32 RMB and a meal in a local restaurant can cost around 62 RMB. A weekly grocery shop can cost around 200 RMB.

-Sim card plans can be quite cheap in mainland China and up to 100 RMB a month is enough for a package that includes data, calls and texts. As most people communicate through Wechat, you would mostly need data on your plan.

-Utility costs can be between 200 RMB and 700 RMB per month.

-The cost of a gym membership is around 350 RMB per month.



Two months of rent is usually required upfront, along with one month of rent as a deposit. In some cities, three months of rent is required upfront with a deposit.

+ Pros

+ Tier 2 city

+ Large expat community with foreigners being a common sight

+ Only a 30-minute metro ride away from Guangzhou, only a 3 ½ hour bus ride away from Hong Kong or you can take the train from Hong Kong, changing trains at Zhaoqing on the way.


− Cons

− Foshan is smaller than its neighbouring city, Guangzhou. However, it is less populated and bigger cities are within reach for day trips and short getaways.