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Global Teacher Recruitment (GTR) is a recruitment agency for international schools and learning centers in Asia. Our large network of English schools and learning centers in Asia, combined with our extensive industry experience connects English teachers with exciting and rewarding teaching jobs.


We provide a comprehensive TEFL qualified database of candidates to schools, school administrators and other recruitment agencies.


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It is a story you will hear many times: ‘I will go to Hong Kong for one year to teach English,’ and then before you know it you have been here for nearly 5 years and you are still not ready to leave! Hong Kong has been a fantastic place to live and work. Every day presents a new opportunity and being a 24-hour, 7-day per week city, there is always something to do. Meeting new people has not been a problem and finding your home country’s comforts is possible. The level of English amongst children varies dramatically. Currently teaching 10-months old to 3 years-old has allowed me to explore my teaching methodology and gain a lot of valuable experience and advice from my colleagues. Days are filled with fun activities and a lot of flexibility is given to ensure that your students enjoy your class!


Grace Garden International Kindergarten and Nursery, Hong Kong

Working overseas had always been a dream for me, it started when I saw the potential as a teacher to work and explore the world around me. It has been the ultimate growing experience as a person and as an educator and have learnt so much about myself. I worked in a learning center that taught English to students between the age of 2 and 13 years old, it has been wonderful to be a part of a team of people with a common goal. Hong Kong has been a great city to live in, although the busyness of it all can get a bit much, there is always something happening, or somewhere to go. Leaving the comfort of home was difficult, but in the words of J.R.R. Tolkien’s novel: ‘It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to.’ All I can say is that it’s been an adventure of a lifetime and has given me memories that I will cherish forever.


Monkey Tree English Learning Center, Hong Kong

My name is Megan Southwood and I am from Port Elizabeth, South Africa. My husband and I decided to take the step and teach and live abroad. It was the best decision we made and it has been such a great adventure. We decided to teach in Hong Kong and it has been amazing. There is always something happening in Hong Kong and so much to do from busy shopping now, great nightlife and beautiful beaches and hikes. I worked as a kindergarten teacher for students aged 2-3 years and found the children in Hong Kong to be incredibly smart and so well disciplined. I loved getting to know each one of their little personalities. I will always recommend teaching English in Hong Kong to everyone that is leaning towards it!


Grace Garden International Kindergarten and Nursery, Hong Kong

After living in Hangzhou, China and working for Monkey Tree for over a year and a half I have come to appreciate many things about the experience. Hangzhou is big in population but it has a really relaxed and laid back feel to it. Trying new foods is one of my main reasons to travel and I love the local Chinese food as well as the other asian restaurants in the city. Being a teacher back in Canada it has been awesome opportunity to teach the Chinese kids. The young kids, around 3 to 12, bring great energy and it is awesome to see kids going from not be able to say their name in English to reading. A great experience so far and no plans on leaving so far!


David, Monkey Tree English Learning Center, Hangzhou, China